Monthly page views

The cost of a Web‑Licence is calculated with the amount of monthly page views. Here is what you need to know.

What is a monthly page view?

A single page view is one request for displaying a page of your website. One request is when a user loads one time a page of your website. The amount of monthly page views are all requests made at all your website(s) within one month.

In our Shop you can choose the amount of page views starting from up to 20k. The ‘k’ stands for (kilo) Thousand, the ‘m’ stands for Million. As an example, 60k is 60 000 or 2m is 2 000 000.

How to measure the page views?

The simplest way to find out the amount of monthly page view is using the data from your server access log. By default, your server collects every request made at your server. So monthly page views are the most basic data regarding web traffic.

Most hosting providers make this information accessible via their control panel. The control panel is where you can log in to your server.

As an alternative, you can place a tracking script on your website. The most common is Google Analytics. There are other good options which are more privacy focused e.g Matomo.

An Example of a control panel’s metrics area where you should find the monthly page views. This may differ from your panel; look for menu points like Awstats, Analytics or Web Traffic.

What if my number of page views are higher than stated on my invoice?

You need to upgrade your Web Licence. We only charge the additional cost to get you up to the next page view level. Please contact us.

In case you launch a new website, you can buy the minimum amount and monitor from there the page views. As long you are within the purchased amount of monthly page views, you are all set.

What about Privacy and Data Protection Regulations?

There are different national and international privacy laws. One of the most known example is the GDPR of the European Union.

By using our Web-Fonts, you do not have any additional factors regarding privacy compliance. You purchase a Web-Licence regarding your web traffic, then you place the Web-Font on your server and link the Web-Font from your server to your website. The Web-Fonts-Files can not send any data to us.

Since you can monitor the web traffic (the page views) with the server access log, you do not need any additional technique. This makes using fonts via self-hosting on your server the perfect option for privacy compliance.

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