Based on a thoughtful analysis of the possibilities within the sans-serif genre, Yport embraces the art of calligraphy, infusing it with a distinctive spirit and warmth.

This typeface presents a fresh perspective on humanist sans-serif fonts. Comprising twelve meticulously designed and complementary weights, Yport offers a wide range of possibilities. Additionally, Yport provides alternate glyphs for characters such as R, Z, a, g, v, and w, encouraging users to explore and experiment with different typographic expressions.

Find more information about the design process of Yport at our notes.

The typeface is available as individual weights and as a variable font with a Light → Black axis. The family package includes variable fonts.

Shiny are the distant hills?
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Los Pirineos son más antiguos que los Alpes: sus sedimentos se depositaron por primera vez en las cuencas costeras durante las eras Paleozoica y Mesozoica. Hace entre 100 y 150 millones de años, durante el período Cretácico Inferior, el golfo de Vizcaya se desplegó, empujando a la España actual contra Francia y aplicando Una intensa presión de compresión a grandes capas de roca sedimentaria. La intensa presión y la elevación de la corteza terrestre afectaron primero a la parte oriental y se movieron progresivamente a toda la cadena, culminando en la Época del Eoceno. La parte oriental de los Pirineos se compone principalmente de rocas de granito.
The International Typographic Style has had a profound influence on graphic design as a part of the modernist movement, affecting many design-related fields; including architecture and art. It emphasises cleanness, readability, and objectivity. Hallmarks of the style are asymmetric layouts, use of a grid, sans-serif typefaces and flush left, ragged right text. The style is also associated with a preference for photography in place of illustrations or drawings. Many of the early International Typographic Style works featured typography as a primary design element besides its use in text.
Wie auf dem festen Land, so gibt es auch im Meer, Erhöhungen und Schluchten. Viele Berge U+nter dem Meer sind höher, manche Gebirgszüge sind länger, viele Schluchten tiefer als irgendwo auf dem Festen. Wenn man den höchsten Berg mit seinen 8847 Metern Höhe, in die tiefste Tiefe versenken wollte, so würden immer noch gut 2186 Meter Wassertiefe über seinem Gipfel liegen. Während aber alle Erhebungen auf dem festen Land dem ständigen, zermürbenden Angriff von Erosion ausgesetzt sind, stehen die Gebirge U+nterm Meer U+nversehrt im stillen Wasser.
Light Italic
Book Italic
Regular Italic
SemiBold Italic
Bold Italic
Black Italic


Desktop: otf (PS)
Variable Desktop: TTF-Variable-Font
Web: woff / woff2  /
Web Variable: woff / woff2 
App: otf (PS) / TTF-Variable-Font
Variable App: TTF-Variable-Font

Language Support

Basic Latin, Latin-1 Supplement and Latin Extended-A.

Afaan Oromo Bemba Bosnian Catalan Croatian Czech Danish Dutch English Estonian Filipino Finnish French German Hungarian Indonesian Irish Italian Ilocano Javanese lat. Kurdish lat. Latvian Lithuanian Malay Norwegian Polish Portuguese Quechua Romanian Romansh Slovak Slovenian Spanish Swahili Swedish Tagalog Turkish Wolof Zulu

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A U+0041
Sofia Sofia
Alternate Glyphs
Ragi Ragi
(Default) Proportional Lining Figures
Tabular Lining Figures
$214 $214
Proportional Oldstyle Figures
$214 $214
5a5o 5ª5º
15 ⁄ 32 15⁄32
Numerators and Denominators
2H5 2H5
Case-Sensitive Punctuation
¿Hola? ¿Hola?
Yport Font Luzi Type Foundry
Yport Font Luzi Type Foundry
Yport Font Luzi Type Foundry
Yport Font Luzi Type Foundry
Yport Font Luzi Type Foundry
Yport Font Luzi Type Foundry
Yport Font Luzi Type Foundry
Yport Font Luzi Type Foundry
Yport Font Luzi Type Foundry

Featured in our notes: An overview of the design process of Yport; the grotesque typeface with calligraphic expression.

Yport Font Luzi Type Foundry

Featured in our notes: Pentagram created a highly atmospheric identity for the fine-dining NYC’s 53 restaurant, 53 in New York City.